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How to Talk to Angels and Receive Divine Guidance

Who Are the Angels?

Until recently, I never seriously considered that I could communicate with the angels. Once I began to study A Course In Miracles, I started to believe that I am truly a child of God and was capable of communicating with other spiritual beings. It wasn’t long until I began to use Doreen Virtue‘s Angel Oracle Cards as a vehicle of communication with angels. I did Angel Card readings every day and saw how the angels consistently delivered the most helpful messages to me about what I am going through at the moment and what I need to pay attention to. However, the cards are not the only way the angels can communicate with us.

The word “angel” is a Greek word for “a messenger of God”. We are in constant communication with the angels whether we recognize it or not. We receive inspirations from God through them in a variety of forms that might look very mundane or extraordinary.

5 Ways to Communicate with Angels

Angels are waiting for us to ask for their help and they are always willing to assist us because they love us unconditionally. Their purpose is to establish communication between us and the higher realms and help us to return to peace. However, they can only offer their help if we ask for it. Peace and happiness cannot be thrust upon us against our will. So the first step is to ask for help.

In the book, Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels, Doreen Virtue lists 5 main ways to ask angels for help:
1. Say it. We can just tell the angels directly what we want their help with as if we were talking to a friend.
2. Think it. We can ask for help silently and the angels will hear us.
3. Write it. We can write down our heart’s desires or concerns on a peace of paper or type it in on a computer.
4. Visualize it. Those of use who prefer to use visual communication channels can enjoy visualizing angels embracing the situation, your loved ones, or yourself.
5. Affirm it. Express and feel gratitude to the angels for resolving the issue.

As it always happens during Angel Card Readings, the messages we receive from the angels always respond to our heart’s deepest desires. They knows us better than our best friends and maybe even better than we know ourselves. So, it is not that important how we ask for their help, but it’s important that we do express our willingness to receive what we desire. Sometimes we hesitate to ask for a specific object or don’t really know what to ask for. In The Angel Therapy Handbook, Doreen Virtue recommends to simply say: “Please help me to be at peace.” If you ask for something specific, it is better to be flexible as we don’t really know what’s best for us. Let your angels decide what’s best for you and trust that they always have your best interests in mind. Doreen Virtue writes: “The ‘how’ is up to God’s infinite Divine wisdom. Your job is only to ask for help and then to follow the guidance sent to you.” The latter step cannot be underestimated, as we often resist following the guidance.

4 Ways of Receiving Divine Guidance

Although the phrase Divine guidance is commonly used in the spiritual circles, it is important to understand its meaning fully. After you express your heart’s desire to receive help in a specific area of your life, angels will start to communicate with you through feelings, words, visions, or thoughts. You will recognize their messages because they are always loving, peaceful, and inspirational.   

In her book, Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels, Doreen Virtue describes 4 main ways we can receive Divine guidance on how to improve a situation:
1. Physical sensation or feeling;
2. Visions and dreams;
3. Knowingness, revelations, and ideas;
4. Words and sounds.

Anything that we see, feel, think, or hear can be a message or a sign from God. If it makes you feel peaceful and happy, it is Divinely inspired and is for the benefit of your Soul. Divine guidance often appears as a sequence of repetitive occurrences or serendipitous meetings that are sometimes called syncronicities. Carl Jung described synchronicities as a “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events” or “meaningful coincidences”.

The messages you receive will often make sense to you only and cannot be applied to somebody else. For example, I often see repetitive number sequences, such as 10:10, 11:11, 12:12. This happens so often that I now know that I’m following the guidance when these sequences occur. Another friend of mine finds quarters everywhere, and they have a special meaning to her. You might see other particularly meaningful symbols to you, such as butterflies, ladybugs, hearts, or feathers.

In the process of discerning the Divine guidance, we become more sensitive to the gentle voices of God’s messengers and gradually start to speak the same language with them, the language we know the best, the language of love. This process occurs naturally and effortlessly and gradually teaches us to be happy and to express who we truly are.

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